Thursday, July 15, 2010


Bought the stain for the inside of the cabana.  Will take before and after pics to show you.  Was advised by the paint store not to stain until late in the day, when the temperature goes down.  I think I will do it in my bathing suit so I can jump in once in a while.
My main problem with projects is finishing them.  I love starting things.  So I will continue to post on my projects to push thru the end.  The pic shows the cabana with the door open.  The inside is wainscoting.  The fridge is on the ground outside the door.  Need to spray paint that white.  The adirondack chair is from llbean.  Have another one to put together yet--see I told you I have a hard time finishing things.


  1. Have you thought about waynes coating? It's an awesome decorating option especially for outdoor type structures. I am putting it in my lake house this fall to help cover up some imperfections.

  2. What a lovely cabana! I definitely would want one of those in my backyard!

  3. I love the cabana just how it is? Are you staining the inside a lighter color? It reminds me very much of something I might see at Cape Cod.