Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Art Show

I have always wanted to have an art show where I teach and felt this past year I was finally ready to do this. There was no way I could do this alone. So thankful for all the work a small group of parents and teachers did to make this a success.
I scoured teacher blogs, pinterest and images on google to get ideas. Thankfully the panels you see were available from our high school which made displaying the work so much easier.

We didn't have a lot of expenses but were happy that a few family businesses helped out with the materials we needed.

Our cafe featured coffee, tea, water, cookies and rice krispie treats.
Tables for enjoying the treats were my art room tables covered in black paper.
Fresh tulips from the grocery store added color and a wonderful group of students served.  

Activities included sticky note answers, photo op area, painting part of a mural and sewing cards and puzzles.
Students volunteered to play background music. We had piano, clarinet and violin.

We used the panels, music stands, the walls and tables to display the artwork. Hoping to make "walls" with pvc for next year.
Overall I was thrilled with all aspects of the show and especially with how many people came out to support the arts. We ran our show for one evening and the next morning me, the principal and the dean started to take artwork down and the 7th/8th grade chorus helped out halfway through their practice. I put all artwork in piles according to homeroom and sent students out with carts. It only took about 45 minuted to take down. Putting it up probably took 4 hours plus all of the mounting on black paper and labels. Every student was represented at least once and projects from other classes besides art were also on display.
I'm looking forward to being able to improve this show next year and have people more aware of how important the arts are.


  1. Well done. It must be satisfying to see it all come together. I like the look of the group activity, painting Kandinsky circles. Was this for anyone to contribute to, during the display? Was it a successful group activity and did it take long to set up?

    1. The Kandinsky circles activity wasn't hard to set up. I had my 8th graders measure and draw lines to create the squares. Anyone at the show could participate. Used duct tape to tape to wall and taped kraft paper to floor for drips. Thanks for your comments!