Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Elementary Art Room

First day of school was great!  We had an awesome chapel at middle school and fun with 5 & 6 orientation.  Went over to the elementary school and taught my 3rd graders.  For all of my elementary classes we are looking at Piet Mondrian.  Third graders drew trees and than used chalk pastels in white, grey and black. Will have some on the blog next week.
This is my wall of windows.  Both of my art rooms have great natural light.

This wall starts with my carpet corner, the door to the faculty room, garbage and sink.
This is the marker board above the rug.  I put my artist who is in the spotlight there.  Next to that is a bookshelf with supplies.  Students may help themselves to these supplies after they have finished their project.

Another choice for free time is the rug area.  The books are very popular.  Love my bookcase that was donated.

This is the corner at the other end of the window wall.  This is my desk area.  The cars on the shades are revved up for good behavior.  

My chalk boards which I mainly use to draw examples and hold art elements and principles.  The WRITE YOUR NAME bulletin board I got from Art with Mr. E.

This is the continuation of the sink wall.  The door to the hallway is to the right.  The bulletin board is where I display what artist's each grade has studied.  


  1. Looks awesome!!!!!!!! Did you say you have two art rooms? wow! Love the Lead by Example board..may steal that one! ha ha

  2. Great room! It's so big! You did a good job for having very little storage closets too. Not easy to do.