Monday, November 29, 2010

Drawing, 4th Grade

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We had our whole family together which the last time was 1 1/2 years ago.  It was nice to have my three brothers together.  
I took pics but they didn't turn out very well.  So, any advice on a camera?  No more than $300-.  I want one that doesn't have such a delay and has better focus.  The camera I have takes great stills but everything else, bleck.

4th graders were so excited when they saw one of the tables set up for a still life.  I usually only do this with middle schoolers, but now I know better.  They were happy to draw the entire class time!  I also turned out the overhead lights and put a spot light on half way through.  "Oooh, shadows!" one of them said.  Love when I can get them to actually observe something.

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  1. Yes, kids LOVE still life drawing. I find that any time you give little kids something to do and tell them "real" artists do this, they get excited. No grade is too young to try to draw from the still life!

    As for cameras - ahhh my 21 year old son has a FABULOUS Nikon digital SLR that cost a LOT (it was combo 21st birthday/Christmas/Chanukah gift and we had to talk him into it.) Best investment eve!
    But my husband and I share a nice little digital Canon - lightweight and easy to understand,with some ability to change settings and good quality. I'm very happy with it, until my son lets me take a picture with HIS camera. Just the sound of the shutter alone is enough to make a camera-bug drool.