Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kindergarten Fall Trees

 I used to have a hard time with kindergarten.  It was a challenge coming up with projects that they were able to do and turned out the way I anticipated.  I have learned that you have to let children experience things in order for them to learn and every project doesn't necessarily need to look the "right" way.  I've also been able to let go and let things get messy.  Paint no longer freaks me out and even yesterday when we used chalk pastels I was okay with wiping a few faces at the end.  These trees to me show what the child has heard from me and shows how they interpret my examples.  I also can see their personalities in each one.  Love them!!
I need to let you know that if you leave me a comment the only way I can respond is thru your email or own blog.  For some reason I can't comment on comments.  Anyone know how to fix this on blogger?

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