Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Elementary Christmas Bulletin Boards, cont.

My second graders made these nutcrackers.  The lesson plan for this is from http://www.artprojectsforkids.org/.  Students also made round pattern ornaments and pipe cleaner candy canes.

Kindergarteners almost always do stations.  Guess what the lesson was on? Yes, stars.  Station 1 was learning to draw stars, Station 2 was coloring the large "stained glass" star, Station 3 was glitter stars and Station 4 was a puzzle activity.  

I came up with this template last year.  This is an easy lesson.  I copy the template onto 12x18 paper and students cut the angels out.  Students draw faces and decorate the robes with tissue paper.  Last step is to create the halos with glitter.  
That is it for my Christmas decorating for the elementary school.  The middle school we just got a new tree for the lobby.  Hope to get that done tomorrow.  The theme is a Graffiti Christmas.

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  1. I think Christmas is what I miss most about teaching Elementary School--I LOVE all your projects!