Wednesday, October 12, 2011

3rd Grade Van Gogh Inspired Flowers

3rd graders really impressed me with these.  They listened to directions and also got creative.  I asked them to include the table top and background, a vase, and flowers which had to include at least one sunflower.  We decided it would be cool to sign our vases like Van Gogh did in his paintings.  I have started using liquid watercolors and really like the results.  The only problem I've had is if a student forgets to rinse their brush and dips into another color, but that's only happened a few times.  I've found the pan watercolors have gotten cheaper- are gooey and don't last very long. 


  1. I love the contrasting colors in these. I especially like the last one with the way the background colors bleed together. Very pretty!

  2. Wow! The second one blew me away! So beautiful.......