Monday, April 9, 2012

3rd Grade African Crowned Cranes

3rd graders looked at photographs of the African Crowned Crane and we discussed how to step by step draw this bird.  We used 12x18 paper so that we could draw large, like this bird is.
Students could choose to use colored pencils, crayons or oil pastels for color.
They were asked to pay attention to detail and texture.
It always amazes me how different each piece of art is; how each person sees and interprets things differently.  I also notice who hears what I say and who chooses to go their own way. I know as an artist sometimes that works and sometimes that doesn't. As a teacher I struggle with that "freedom" for my students.  I can't grade on natural ability so most times my rubrics are about following directions.  When you put creativity as part of the rubric it gets lost in how you interpret that.  Anyone else struggle with this?


  1. I love your African Crane projects! I agree with you about giving our students freedom, but if we do, we get results like the ones you posted. No pun intended, but let them fly free and they learn so much more! Please check out my 3rd graders Peacock projects. We are both on the same page!

  2. I know I'm really lucky as at my school we don't give grades in enrichment classes. I find a great deal of joy in just seeing what each student creates naturally. I encourage them to find a new way to do something, they absolutely do not have to do it the way that I demonstrated.
    I think the cranes look great by the way!