Monday, July 30, 2012

Almost August!

This is not the summer I had planned....not even vacation, no room re-do, no weight loss, no energy. This was the summer I...pulled my back out while cleaning my classroom, pain close to childbirth, physical therapy for 8 weeks, disappointment in not reaching goals i set. I have finally come to accept where I am at and try to find the joy of the here and now.

The best part of my summer was my brother bob, wife danyelle and heath came to visit and my mom's first scan since her chemo came back clear. Big things to be joyful about! I have also faced the realization that my mom is changed forever from the cancer and things will never be the same. I know that I need to be here for her now and take care of things in our house from now on. I have been fighting this and it has caused me a lot of grief wanting things the way they were.

So I am moving forward and also learning to take some quality time for myself. I am starting to walk again and need to sit down and paint. Need to write it here...I will paint at least 3 times a week, yes!
I have finally broken my bad eating caffeine, no soda, no processed sugar, no gluten. Forgot how hard it was the first time I did this and still want my pepsi!!! Realization of how much food is my crutch/comfort in times of stress.
I will be sharing the few things I have done over the summer in the next few weeks and starting the prep work for school to begin. Hope you have all had a great June and July.

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