Thursday, October 4, 2012

A New Way of Letting Go

Okay. First, it's not finished. Second, it's a totally new direction for me. Third, I am exhausted.

So. The ymca is having a gallery show for local artists and I can put two pieces in. When I filled out the form, I had a piece I knew I wanted in and a piece in my head which I had to include a size for, a price and a name. I chose home as the name. Tried to create something and it just wasn't working. Started this piece with just squares of color. My son says "Huh, more squares?" I proceeded to drip paint from each side of the painting which looked like roads. Kept taking advice from my son and we started talking about how I know the art I make is usually made with the hope for a sale and I realized that my art is for the general public I know in my life and not for myself. So this is my first venture into freeing myself from what I think I should make to what I feel/need to make for myself. Yikes! Will post pics of the finished piece soon.

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