Friday, July 12, 2013

What I Did Last Summer

Actually, what I am doing this summer, but "What I Did Last Summer" sounded so much cooler. Finished cleaning the two art rooms at school, had family visiting and a trip down the shore and am now back to artwork, working on my room, hanging out with friends and school prep. 
Probably have a list of about 15 things to do in my room. So far I have painted my room, bought new window treatments, painted my closet which meant emptying my closet--huge task that involved sorting clothes and parting ways with 5 bags of clothes and shoes.
Today's project was re-covering my piano bench. Below is the before pic. I had painted it a few years back and covered it with this green and pink fabric.

I went to Joanne Fabric and bought these two fabrics.

Went with the more classic piece. Had a friend advise on this. Will use the more contemporary fabric for pillows.

Here is the finished piece. Can see my wall color: Clear Skies from Benjamin Moore. Still need to do trim and doors. Don't mind the linoleum floor. Room has been measured, just need to pick my carpet. Hoping to use a remnant to save some money. In my dream world the floor would be wood but that isn't in the budget. Cost for bench is $5- fabric plus staples. Bought the wire baskets at Marshalls. They were $18- total.  I'm not sure what I'm putting in them yet. Possibly magazines?

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