Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gustav Klimt, 4th Grade

4th graders looked at the Tree of Life from Gustav Klimt.  We talked about his use of gold and all the ornamentation.  For their projects they first drew the trees and outlined them with markers.  They drew ornaments with metallic colored pencils and used a wet paintbrush  to blur the marker lines.  They added gold watercolor paint and the last touch, dots of glitter.  


  1. Wow - I am loving seeing all of your students beautiful creations!

    Thank you for sharing - it makes me miss my art student teaching days...

    p.s. thanks for the italian dressing recipe - I love tomatoes & mozzarella together... adding the avocadoes is brilliant (why didn't I think of that before?!?)

  2. What fantastic artists! Beautiful pictures!