Sunday, January 16, 2011

Triangle Trees

Finally back.  Have had a few things going on and just haven't been able to blog.  One of those things is my diet.  I have had a lot of issues with food all my life and than about 2 months ago I started to get hives.  So right after the holidays I started on an elimination diet.  It has been a lot of  headaches and just not feeling well from withdrawal but now I feel great, though I miss certain foods.  Right now I am wheat, gluten, sugar and dairy free.  I've lost 8 lbs. and have 2 more weeks before I start re-introducing other foods.  
Anywho, here is a kindergarten project and I apologize because I can't remember where I got this lesson from.  I simplified it a bit for kindergarten but basically it is based on triangles.  The kids could either draw their own or trace templates that I made.  Went over the lines with crayon and than painted.  

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