Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011!

I love the New year.  Maybe it is what everyone does(or thinks about doing) but I can't wait to start re-organizing.  It's probably because I am not the most organized person and am always looking for my supplies to be easily accessible.  

#1 item that I love for organizing - wheeled basket cart.  Have decided that it will hold my rubber stamp supplies.  This fits under my work table so I can pull it out as needed.  Garage sale item but you can get these everywhere.  

#2 item - 3 drawer file, 12x12.  Love this for all of my papers and stencils.   Used to have this under my work table, but have moved it up top because I use paper a lot. This is from Michael's.  These will be on sale this week, 40% off. 

Item #3 - These are from The Container Store.  I keep buying these magazine holders whenever they go on sale, since I cannot part with my magazine collections.  The flat files hold my copy paper for my printer.  Need another set for my colored printer paper.  
Item #4 - Plastic storage boxes from The Container Store.  Light weight and inexpensive.  I think I will put part of my fabric collection in these.  I am a sucker for all fabrics.  I always want to buy people towels, linens, etc... when giving gifts.  

 Item #5 - Wire ribbon holders.  See, I love ribbon too.  After all it's fabric.  These are part of Marie Osmond's collection.  Got these online and they stack on each other.  

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