Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Blues

This project is from February for Black History Month.  I feel like I never get caught up with everything.  Anyway, for this project I play some blues music and have the 2nd graders identify the instruments.  We talk about the beat and what feelings we get from this type of music.  We than talk about how many different blue colors there are.  Students realize there are infinite possibilities.  They divide there paper up into squares/rectangles and are given watercolor paints to make as many blues as they can.  This becomes the background for our pictures.  I have templates they can choose from to use for their foreground which they trace, color and cut out.  The following week we put these on with 3-DO's.  While they are creating I read the book A Blue So Blue, by Jean Francois Dumont.  Has beautiful illustrations and a cute storyline.  

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  1. I like how you connected art and music in your art lesson. I like the softness of the colors