Monday, January 16, 2012


Got started on my art studio.  This is now in my upstairs hall.  Took an idea from another blog to hang up my artwork that is being worked on.  This helps out because I don't have much room.  The green piece I bought last year, it was red at the time.  I keep receipts, wire, small tools, snaps, glitter and small scraps of paper in the drawers.  

Cleaned out my plastic drawers and re-organized them.  Labelled the fronts so it's easier to grab things.  I keep bags, tissue paper, notecards, glue guns, staple guns, pens and pencils, cut paper, watercolor cards, plastic sleeves, mailing labels and blank cards in these and they slide under my work area.  

Back to school tomorrow for the end of the quarter/semester.  Will be busy grading, cleaning up and preparing for the next quarter.  Also have a bunch of artwork to photograph for Artsonia.  

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