Friday, January 13, 2012


Have you ever checked out the Converse website?  My son love's his converse.  He needed a new pair and you can design your own, so this is what he designed.  You can choose pretty much everything:  color, lining, laces, stitching, tongue color.  This was one of his Christmas presents.

Here he is with his other present.  A new bass guitar.  He has blisters from playing.  So glad he enjoys music and art.  He is way talented(well I'm his mom), planning on graphic design in college.  

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  1. I have a bass-playing son too. Started with the double bass in 3rd grade, all through high school. We had to buy station wagons.

    In middle school he picked up electric bass, and had a (rock) band all through high school, and another band all through college, and now, as a recent college grad, all the boys in both bands are living in Boston and playing music again and his (college) band "The Radium Girls" have their first Boston gig tonight! And he still has an upright bass too.

    So my house was always full of giant stuff - the upright bass, amps, cabinets, more amps, 2 electric basses, an acoustic guitar, and other random musical doodads....

    Love the Converse. I wonder if I can get some in my oddball size..