Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kindergarten Self-Portraits

These pieces are from some time ago. Things in life haven't exactly gone as planned. Trying to catch up on the piles of art around my art rooms. I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Besides my mom being sick, I finally finished the yearbook, trying to get my son settled on a college, have watched the scale go up (stress equals eating for me), cuts at school - my job cut to 80%, trying to get my own artwork to be a business and just do the regular every day things.
Yeah, I know a bit of a whiner, huh?  I know everyone has a lot in their life. Just need some new ways to deal with things. Have started making lists just to organize my mind.
One thing I love is all the teacher blogs where I see how other teachers run their classrooms and all the great projects and my newest addiction, Pinterest.
I know one of the biggest things I need to get back to is God. Just having a hard time with that. Have some anger issues at the moment with losing my dad 4 years ago and my mom being sick now. Anyway, trying....need to focus on the positive but having a hard time seeing that right now. 
Faith, Hope and Love--HOPE seems to be the word I need right now.