Thursday, April 19, 2012

6th Grade Dragons

6th graders study different cultures in Art. We looked at Asian art, primarily Chinese art. This year is the year of the dragon so I decided to come up with a 3-D project.  
We talked about symmetry and learned how to trace half of the face to make it symmetrical and also used tracing to make multiple copies of the dragon face.
We transferred our dragon face to primed cardboard and used two of our paper dragons to create our 3-D pieces.  
We painted the cardboard outline in one color and the papers with separate colors on both side. We cut out pieces and glued them to our cardboard base.
This was a new project and not sure if I will do it again. It took longer then I liked and wasn't as 3-D as I would like, but I do love the strong colors and the symmetry.

1 comment:

  1. They are cool-looking dragons! (you know I love dragons). I also like the vivid colors and strong design.

    I agree though, they don't look 3-D. Is anything popping out other than the noses?