Friday, August 10, 2012

Soar Into Art: Elementary Art Room

This week just flew by. Spent 3 days working in my elementary school art room. Probably need 3 more. Decided to make pennants for my room this year. Bought scrap book paper, created a template for the size/shape and laminated all of them. Used letters I had and attached them with funtak. My main colors this year are green and orange and I am using birds for my theme.

This is my free art area. Keep supplies here that students may use freely. Still need to finish up the bulletin board.

This, I'm sure many of you have seen on pinterest. Made one to use for classroom management this year. Getting rid of some furniture in my room that takes up too much space and trying to consolidate. My room has no closet so it's hard to keep everything neat looking all of the time. Hoping to finish this room up the beginning of next week. Will photograph everything to show you!

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  1. LOVE!! You are SO stinking creative!!! Pennant banner looks awesome! Can't believe you laminated each one! I want to come be "crafty" in your room. . . . i think this room might actually make me an artist?!?!