Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Piles

So August has arrived and that means gathering all the school supplies that have ended up at home, on the coffee table, the floor, the bedside tables and desk. I have decided to divide things up by grade level for the most part and also a general pile for now. Want to go grade by grade and update and make new plans.
 Here are some of the resources I use in my classroom.
Like this book for kindergarten because it really highlights how to make many different robots with shapes. I am planning on making shape templates for students to trace to create their own robot.

Just such a fun and visual book. Great for 1st graders and their imagination. Going to use this with Pointillism.

Bought this last night. Great pictures! This will be introduced into my 3rd grade lesson plans on Picasso.

This is for my 5th grade class. I have a unit on architecture and have had Frank Lloyd Wright in this unit. Want to bring in the organic lines of Gaudi.

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