Monday, June 17, 2013

School Supplies

Just wondering how many of you love to order supplies or loathe this part of the job? I love seeing what is new, anticipating clean watercolors, and feeling special when I get all those boxes to open!! What I hate is doing inventory before I place my orders.
So to make that part of the job more enjoyable I give in to one of my favorite things, Starbucks. I know some of you may go to that other place but for me Starbucks is it. I love the atmosphere, bring in my laptop, sip my yummy latte and get my work done. The other thing I love about Starbucks is that they have soy milk!!
So, back to supplies. I think it is time for a list of a few of my favorite things-supply style.
Love these liquid watercolors from Sax.

Dick Blick acrylics...have tried other brands but these give great coverage and are easy to mix.

Nothing beats Sharpie for graphic work. Great saturated colors and the kids think they are so grown up using a permanent marker.

It took me a while before I realized how the quality differs in construction paper. 
Tru-Ray is stronger and has deeper color than any other brand I have tried.

Have tried to save money by buying other erasers but have found they are too hard or too soft.  Pink Pearl is just right!


  1. I love ordering supplies! I love getting new supplies. It's like Christmas time. I have some kid helpers who help me do my inventory. They count and check things off. So much easier.

    1. That's a great idea! Will try that next year.

  2. Ah, my favorite school acrylic is Nasco's Bulk-Krylic. The colors and mixing are very similar to the Dick Blick, but when it dries it has more of a sheen, where the Blick is a more flat finish.

    1. Thanks for sharing Phyl. Will keep it in mind when I finally get my orders organized.