Thursday, February 21, 2019


What changes are you looking to make this year?  Be it something like losing weight, finding a new job or starting a meditation practice, it's good to create change in our lives.  With using the Living Well Planner, I've been documenting the goals I set for myself for this year and am enjoying seeing as I stay on track that change is possible. Just so you know, I am far from perfect, meal planning and documenting my food is not always happening, and sometimes I blow off a run. 

For me, it's important to be able to look at my planner and see that change is actually happening, especially when the number on the scale doesn't move fast enough or I feel like running isn't really making a difference.  I've set goals for my health, my home, my relationships, and my finances.  

I have enjoyed this process so much more than any other planner I have tried and like keeping track of my progress and seeing the steps that are helping me to reach my goals.  I am also finding that having friends on my side to participate and/or encourage is very helpful.  I still would like to find an accountability partner with my journey, so that is also a goal for me.  

I also use a few apps on my phone, like runkeeper.  The pics below show my progress on the same run.  


These times and miles I add to my monthly calendar spread, to see my progress.  
Remember, it will happen.  Change will occur as you put the work in.  

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Forward Motion

We got our hike in! Beautiful and brisk.  I enjoyed this in bits and pieces.  It was a tough hike for me. I ran outa breath on the steep inclines and had foot ache problems on the declines.  I also was a bit of a whiner.  I was, "are we there yet?" girl. Would never had made it without my partner in hiking.  

On this type of journey, forward motion is the key.  You don't look behind you, which is a good reminder again to live in the moment and enjoy this journey we are all on.  On the trails, you see so many things along the way and even when I was hurting, I loved the scenery and all the different aspects of nature.   

Being winter I really didn't expect to see much green but found lots of moss and lichen growing.

Love all the textures and colors everywhere.  The mossy areas look good enough to curl up on and the lichen almost looks as if it's keeping the trees warm.  I love the greens of nature.  

Enjoy the journey, everyone, even when it involves some aches along the way.  

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Take the Time

I realize that I rush through things quite often. I tend to be an impatient person, waiting for what's next instead of enjoying the moment.  I have to keep reminding myself to slow down.  It's all on me but I do have to say, living in New Jersey, most of us here are in a hurry to get from point A to B to C.....

A couple weeks ago, I went to Woodstock with my guy and we were going to go hiking.  The trails were covered in about an inch of snow which wouldn't be so bad but underneath it all was very slick ice. Thus ended our hike and instead we wandered across the road to the Tibetan Monastery. We looked through the bookstore and visited the temple. The beauty of such a quiet place.  And the detail of decoration.  People enjoying each moment in their tasks. Creating a space to enjoy and respect the Buddha.


It reminded me to take time.  Time to just breathe, to just be.  I need to slow down and take a moment.  I've started meditating in the mornings, just for 10 minutes.  It's not always easy, my mind wanders but it gives me a refresh. What do you do to slow your mind down and enjoy the moment?

Monday, February 4, 2019

Can I Still Say, "Happy New Year"?

The beginning of February, but it still feels fresh and new to me.  Life is open to all sorts of possibilities and some of my older things are being revived, like this blog.  I no longer teach art and I do miss the challenges and joy from spending time with children but things are always changing.  I've grown so much and still am learning, even at my age.  This year is all about change.  One thing that is helping me with those changes is my new Living Well Planner from Ruth Soukup.

It's been a lot of trial and error for me to find the right format that works for me.  I used to just have a calendar book, then I used bullet journals for a few years, which I loved the creativity, but found I was using most of my time setting up my pages and drawing. This journal has given me a clearer direction and I will share parts of it with you as we move throughout the year.

My main focus for my blog now is to share pieces of my life, from journalling, artwork, recipes, experiences, a lifestyle blog for others to find things that will help them along their creative journey.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Not sure where to start or what to say to explain my long absence and I don't want to make this into a whine fest because we all have our problems so I'll keep this short and hopefully will get back onboard with my regular blogging.
Life generally hasn't turned out the way I thought and I've been having a hard time dealing with that. Work:  I love my job but have gotten tired of the way things are run and how situations are dealt with at times. Can't really go into the details but I am trying to just do my best and be satisfied for now.
Home: My son and I live with my mom. My mom just had her second pancreatic cancer surgery and has memory problems. It has gotten tougher to deal with and sometimes I want to run away and then I feel guilty for that.
Me:  Starting to go for therapy to put things into perspective.
So next post will be school oriented and the one thing I can promise won't be perfect.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August is Here!

Whenever August appears on the calendar I start to get back into school mode. The summer always goes so fast and I never get done all I want to but it has been great. Now it's time to schedule lesson planning and setting up the art rooms.
Today was my first day of school work. I unpacked one of my art orders and brought home all of my resources on Greek art for 7th grade.

A few years back I started training with IDE - Innovative Designs for Education. This training is used to create  Learner-Active, Technology-Infused Classrooms. I love this type of teaching because it makes me a facilitator who is able to spend more time with my students. My next couple of posts I want to share with you what works in the art room using this method of teaching.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Finally getting my creative juices flowing and creating artwork again. Feels good being in the moment....find when I work on art everything else fades which doesn't happen very often. Meeting with a store owner tomorrow to see if she will hang some of my artwork in her shop...hoping!!


What changes are you looking to make this year?  Be it something like losing weight, finding a new job or starting a meditation practice,...